Digital transformation made easy with the Synkro connectivity solution

Our client, a world leader in chemical processes, wanted to eliminate paper from their production floor. They decided to implement SYNKRO in order to automate certain processes, therefore avoiding having to manually transcribe information for various systems in place.

The Synkro team’s mission

As our clients already had an ERP system (ProcessPro), a manufacturing data acquisition software (CapStone) and a work instructions software (VKS), Synkro team was tasked with building bridges between the different systems in order to route requests to the right system. For example, instead of manually entering hundreds of work orders into a software, Synkro routes the request from the ERP to the work instruction software eliminating the risk of errors related to manual transcriptions. During operations, Synkro also reads machine sensors, validates laboratory results, and initiates material consumption (having previously checked inventories in real time), all with a minimum of human intervention. These bridges have completely changed the operator’s reality who previously had to go back and forth between different applications for the same information.

Benefits of implementing Synkro :

  • Acceleration of the operations process

    Without Synkro, maintaining the same level of query detail would not have been possible and would have added considerable overhead for the operator. By simplifying the routing of queries between systems, this process is accelerated.


  • Increased quality of work

    By eliminating the manual transcription of procedures, work orders and other information, these are followed to the letter and result in a higher quality of work, as there are no manual errors.


  • Increased efficiency

    By removing manual entry and paperwork from the production floor, human resource training is simplified and more efficient, which is a huge gain in a labour shortage environme

The Synkro solution now sits at the centre of these applications and relays information to the right systems.