Métalus was processing more than 1,000 work orders per week. Since work orders were printed and processed manually, it was challenging for Métalus to distribute, manage, and monitor them. 

By digitizing operations, Métalus was able to access its production data in real time, thereby boosting efficiency and turnaround times and reducing costs..

The challenge for the SYNKRO team was to :
  • Provide its client with the technology it needed to go paperless
  • Make production data available in real time with the ERP system
  • Consolidate information from work instructions, quality plans, technical specs, and designs

Métalus gets a real time view of operations


In order to successfully digitize Metalus’s work orders, the SYNKRO team :

  • Overhauled the company’s main business processes
  • Implemented the SYNKRO platform and VKS software


The SYNKRO platform made it possible to:

  • Connect the factory equipment
  • Synchronize work orders in VKS
  • Display performance indicators in real time