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Everything in the Synkro team is made so that employees will enjoy an exceptional quality of life during working hours. We value a quality environment, modern offices and an area dedicated to teamwork. We encourage team spirit and exchanges in an open environment, focused on communication and sharing of ideas. The Synkro technology is currently in full evolution and development, and touches all IT disciplines: application development, Edge and Cloud technologies, IOT (Internet of Things), embedded, real time, databases, BI, artificial intelligence, etc.

Synkro employees enjoy a range of competitive benefits, and sports and family activities organized throughout the year

Activités sociales

Social activities

Conciliation travail et vie personnelle

Work-life balance

Programme de formation et de développement

Training and development program

Assurance invalidité

Disability insurance

Assurances des frais médicaux et paramédicaux

Insurance of medical and paramedical expenses

Remboursement des cotisations à un ordre professionnel

Reimbursment of contributions to a professional order


Travail Equipe


We demonstrate professionalism, autonomy, enthusiasm and respect. We value the sharing of knowledge, with all stakeholders.


Our technology forces us to innovate, to always be alert to the latest discoveries and best software practices. We believe that this contributes to the success of Synkro, and gives our products the edge to thrive on the market.


Proactivity means identifying opportunities that can contribute to our competitiveness and that of our products, as well as giving them added value.
Engagement Intensite


Being engaged is having the will to get mobilized in order to achieve strategic objectives and promote the success of the products we create!

Working environment

Our working environments are shared with our sister company Merkur, a specialist in Industry 4.0 and the manufacturing world. Together, our exchanges take place in a warm atmosphere.

With Synkro, we live a diversified work environment, from modern offices in 4 cities, to laboratories, to our customers’ production lines! With Synkro your environment will be dynamic in every way! 

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